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2020—Recovery from  x3 sports injuries!

Thank you for your prayers and support through this time as I am healing and getting back to work—for the third time around since December 2019.


In the last eight months, I have sustained serious sports-related injuries.  I almost broke both of my shoulders in Dec. 2019 in a mountain bike accident. After three months of rehabilitation, I was then released back to my normal workout routine. However, in March, I was miraculously not killed by being impaled through my left kidney and lung—with a 10-inch surfboard fin. Instead of the fin going through me, I snapped it off with my torso at full-speed. I experienced severe blunt-force trauma to my kidney and diaphragm. After several more months of pain and rehabilitation, I was then free to go back to regular exercise again. Then, in July, I sustained yet another extremely painful injury—I tore the hamstring on the back of my right leg.



One thing is for sure, being out of doors and having opportunities to share the Gospel has been worth the pain and effort—to press on and keep going. We are always moving forward, and looking up unto Jesus!


Your prayers are sincerely appreciated—Thank you!


- Chris Lawson


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