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You can make secure donations from your credit or debit card as well as vehicles, stocks, cell phones and many other items. 100% of your gift will go to the project designated. Thank you!

To donate by mail please make checks payable to "World in Need International" and write “Chris Lawson” in the memo section.


Please include a note telling us what you want your gift to be designated for and mail to:


Chris Lawson / SRN

World in Need International

1420 Celebration Blvd #200

Celebration, FL 34747


Contributions to World in Need International are tax deductible.


World in Need International, Inc. is a non-profit ministry recognized by the IRS as a 501C(3) tax-exempt organization with U.S. Federal Tax ID#59-3048894. Call 407-279-1470 anytime with any questions.

Chris Lawson / SRN Outreaches

Contributions to PayPal ARE NOT tax deductible.


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