Injury Rehab - No Yoga!!!

 Back Injury Rehabilitation (Ongoing)


Yoga is more popular today than it has ever been - globaly!


As such, many people have encouraged me to do Yoga or try Reiki or get into various other forms of "energy work" in order to rehabilitate my back. I was injured a few years ago in a Landscape Fire Safety related work injury.


As far as I am concerned, doing Yoga is just as dangerous as teaching a Toddler to play with fire. Over 200 books in our SRN Research Library show us very clearly what Yoga is, where Yoga comes from, what Yoga's purpose is, what can happen to those who engage in Yoga - all forms, and at any level, and the dire outcome of those who have been burned by Yoga's occult influences. The very root and basis of all Yoga is to "yoke" (Sanskrit: yuj, yoga) with Brahman, the divine consciousness of Hinduism.


Yoga is dangerous and is not needed - at all! Therefore, my Chris Lawson Back Injury Rehab Lab is:


"A place where bodily injury is being rehabilitated without

the use of Yoga, Pilates, Tai Chi, or other New Age

occult philosophy based alternatives."
- Chris Lawson


Read the details about my injury and see my perosnal updates here on my SRN REHAB LAB.

(Updated February 4, 2014)


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