(2007-2015) Cambria, California

  • Bible studies, research/writing, community outreach, surf community, further establish Spiritual Research Network.


(2011) Edinburgh, Scotland

  • Visit friends and fellowships.

(2011) Argyll & Butte, Western Highlands, Scotland

  • Prospective move back to Scotland.

(2007-2012) Central Coast, California

  • Relocation, landscape fire safety business back injury, then disability, then rehabilitation.

(2006) Sibui, Transylvania - Central Romania

  • Apologetics teaching seminar, Golgota Mission Bible College.

(2006) Casablanca, Western Morroco

  • Missionary visit.

(2005) Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh, South India

  • Pastors conference, visit nine suburb villages and co-preach/teach with friend "Sam", visit orphanage.

(2004-2007) Portobello & Joppa, Edinburgh, Scotland

  • Move to Edinburgh Seaside.
  • Family ministry involvement: Retirement home outreach, Tea Room, Thanksgiving(s), 'The Living Room', Drug Proof Your kids, Seaside Bible study, Women's Bible study (wife), Institute of Biblical Studies (students), Spiritual Research Network website & teaching, Missionary support, Biblical counseling, host missions teams and visitors, etc.

(2003) Duddingston Village, Edinburgh, Scotland

  • Move to Edinburgh, settle down, make friends, reach out.

(2003) York, England

  • Relocate to York, England from California (five months). Live in York at Calvary Chapel Bible College, take several trips to Edinburgh, Scotland.

(2002) Edinburgh, Scotland

  • Chris and four other guys - Scout Trip.

(2002) LaGloria, Mexico

  • Shepherd's Staff Missions Facilitators, Inc., Missions training and great fellowship!

(2001) Motherwell, Scotland

  • Short Term Missions Trip.

(1993-2003) San Luis Obispo, California

  • Church Planting, pastoring, teaching, apologetics, missions, counseling and pre-marital counseling, home groups and men's group, organize Central Coast Men's Conferences, weddings, etc.

(1993 - Paris, France)

  • Chris's wife - missions trip with Cal Poly SLO Campus Ministry.

(1993) Bali, Indoneasia

  • Surfers for Missions (Bali, Nusa Lembongan, Lombok, etc.)

(1993) Pahoa, Hawaii

  • Construction (roofing), evangelism outreach.

(1993) Paia, Maui, Hawaii

  • Surfers for Missions.

(1991-1993) San Luis Obispo, California

  • Living Water Surf Fellowship - BBQ's, Bible studies, evangelism and surf trips.

(1991-1993) San Luis Obispo, California

  • Cal Poly SLO - Christian campus ministry.

(1989) Milan, Italy & Paris, France

  • Modeling work, travel, personal evangelism to friends, clients and agents.

(1988) Madrid, Spain

  • Modeling work as a non-Christian (three months).

(1985-1990) Mexico

  • Surf trips, - San Miguel, Isle Natividad, Todos Santos Island, etc.

(1981) Egypt, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Kenya, England

  • Travel

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