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We are committed first and foremost to a clear and consistent scriptural presentation of the biblical Gospel message. The Bible clearly teaches that salvation comes through faith in Jesus Christ and that biblical salvation is by God's grace alone, through faith alone—in Jesus Christ alone!


We are also firmly committed to the sound interpretation of Scripture (exegesis) based on the literal, historical, and grammatical method of interpretation. We do not subscribe to the popular "New Hermeneutics" of the 21st century that is craftier than ever at recasting and undermining biblical revelation and the person, work, and nature of Jesus Christ to appeal to the masses.


We stand with those who implement the tried and true traditional hermeneutics through which the historic Christian faith has been upheld, defended, and proclaimed for approximately 2000 years.


For these reasons, expositional teaching is our preferred delivery method when teaching through the scriptures. We also expose any doctrines that oppose or nullify the Gospel of Grace as found in Scripture, and we will stand against those that suppress and/or reject doctrinal truth for the sake of unbiblical ecumenical unity.


Included in our studies are mentions of various themes about current global events, the growing ecumenical apostasy that the Bible foretells would be characteristic of the end of times before Christ's literal bodily return to earth, and how Christians ought to respond and live at such a time as this.

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Chris Lawson is the Founder and Director of the Spiritual Research Network (SRN) apologetics and discernment ministry.


Spiritual Research Network began as a tiny outreach (Edinburgh, Scotland 2004), and part of Chris's Scotland Missio has been operating on the Central Coast of California since 2007.


All of the material on the SRN websites has been created by Chris Lawson, except the articles posted with permission from other authors (credit is given where credit is due). For more information about Chris's activities, see the following:

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